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Developing socio-economic welfare of Children, Youth and Women

We all value equal opportunity, responsibility, and innovation. We believe in hard work, and in education as a way out of poverty. But despite these ideals, the gap between rich and poor is increasing.
Children born into poverty face significant barriers to achieving their dreams. Students who experience the toxic stress of poverty or the bias related to immigration, race, and gender have a harder time in school. And the academic achievement gaps show up as early as kindergarten.

The industries that drive Washington’s economy—technology, science, health, and international trade—require a well-educated workforce. To help students succeed later in life, we must start early, with better educational opportunities from preschool on.
We have an opportunity to support students where they live, learn, and play—at home, in their communities, and at school. When we all work together in a nurturing and stable environment that supports the whole child—addressing their academic, social, and development needs from the very beginning—it creates a cycle of prosperity that will benefit us all.
The good news is that many schools have already made clear progress improving equity and expanding opportunity. In Washington, more students are meeting higher standards: In 2016, for example, about 79 percent of all students graduated within four years. This is encouraging. But we must fulfill our promise by ensuring that every child has equal access to opportunity.
The work of the alliance creative community project spans the globe, but we have a deep commitment to improving the lives of Youth, Women and children in the world.

We believe that all children deserve a chance to reach their full potential, regardless of their race, ethnicity, income, or gender. Educational attainment—a college degree or work-ready credential—is still the best sign that individuals are on the path to fulfilling their purpose and potential. That’s why we collaborate with our partners in working to improve outcomes for Youth, Women and Children in the world. We solicit funding to support children in every part of their lives:

Home: Every child deserves a safe and stable place to live. Housing and flexible social services—including partnerships between housing and school districts, and programs that address student and family homelessness—provide the security and stability that encourage achievement.

Community: Every relationship is an opportunity. The people and resources in our vibrant neighborhoods—including after-school and summer programs; mentors; and community organizations like churches, cultural networks, and nonprofits—can all work together to nurture every child’s unique abilities.


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