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Inspired by the wonders and beauty of nature, problems in need of solutions, and learning from those who came before him, Mr. Okyere considers the outstanding organizational design team he has brought together to be his greatest accomplishment of humanitarian projects in the world.

Providing his team with a nurturing, energetic environment, he is readily recognize that everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and welcomes the challenge of being pushed in any unfamiliar creative direction. Inventive as well as influenced, a levelheaded daydreamer and a stickler for details, Mr. Okyere has grown organically with Alliance Creative Community Project, applying his own agrarian and technical upbringing to striking, unparalleled humanitarianism Project in West Africa, with his wisdom and skills he was able to lead the organization to join the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC IN 2013), United Nations World Sustainable Development (UNWSD).

MR. Solomon Lartey

Advisory Member

Mr Lartey, a member of the Executive Committee of Group Activa, is a Chartered Insurance Practitioner (UK), and also holds an MBA from the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom and a Bachelor of Arts (Hon) Degree from the University of Ghana. The CEO, who is a product of Accra Academy, has worked in the London Market as a Claims Manager at Planet Accident Claims.

He worked as a Mortgage and Insurance Consultant at the Simple Group in Mitcham, Surrey, United Kingdom and later held the same position at Bryant and Menson UK Limited (an appointed representative for Mortgage Broking Services Limited in Manchester).


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